Four-Ball Automatic Test Machine

Standard test methods:
ASTM D2266 Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Grease (Four-Ball Method)
ASTM D4172 Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four-Ball Method)
DIN 51350-1 Testing of lubricants – Testing in the four-ball tester

four-ball test machineThe Four Ball Tester is used to determine the relative wear preventing properties of lubricating fluids and greases in sliding steel-on-steel applications, Extreme Pressure properties (EP) and friction behavior. A rotating steel ball is pressed against three steel baths firmly held together and immersed in lubricant under test.
The Four Ball Test Machine permits e measurement of actual load, RPM and temperature. Frictional torque during the test is also measured. All these parameters, displayed during the test are acquired for display and analysis, the data can be transferred via USB/LAN data transfer.

Key specifications:
– Highly precise loading CPU controlled
– Stand alone digitally controlled via Touch screen
– Suite on external PC
– Variable Speed Motor CPU controlled
– Temperature Controller System
– Automatic Test Start and Control
– Pneumatic Loading System CPU controlled
– All the moving parts are safety controlled